artist Tanja Weidenbörner


(born 1968, near Hamburg) is a modern self-taught artist. She currently works and resides in Essen, Germany.

In year 2013 she focused her arts on a higher level and she was encouraged to start publishing her art on her newly created website (www.tw-artgallery.com).


Her work can be described as a special mixture of impressionism, realism and popart.  Specializing in dripped and free flowed enamel paints in combination with charcoal on canvas. At least she generated a new unique and distinctively way of art. 



Art collectors describe her paintings as “art with soul" and "vivid artworks” because of the intense eyes in her portraits and changing reflections of light in every work.


Her artworks are a study of contrasts.


Not only the light and shadow in their black and white works, but also the contrast between intimate and impersonal, hard and soft, obvious and subtle interpretations.


Every artworks are characterized by a balance of these combinations.

The viewer is invited to embrace the dynamism and tension in the different works, to answer questions individual work places on him or to free his emotions and to solve them.





Her technique was born through trying, experimentations and at least checking out the limits of different materials, their behavior and their effects on canvas.


This technique with enamel paint creates unchangeable areas, some just happened, some are intended that the other areas she fills out by charcoal and soft pastels to create life and depth. 


This technique allows her to paint in the degree of detailing which she likes to have it. In the end the faces appear to be a rough portrait with vitality but without the entitlement of perfection. She is focused on modeling the smooth and glossy surface of enamel paint and the consequential play of dynamics that dominate her paintings.


Her artworks are NO photos printed on canvas which will be arranged with enamel paint and charcoal later on - they are generated with solid, manual work like sketching, dripping and modelling with charcoal in chronological order. Each painting is a progress of many different layers of charcoal blended well with the dripped enamel paint. 


All of her paintings are based on a thought, an emotion, a mental state, a memory, a lifestyle, inner conflicts, a wish to make the unspoken visual.  Thereby a motive arises that what will transport her imagination. Often faces, facial expression, gestures and sometimes places. Her work always is dominated by the ambition to create an artwork which seems alive.


She never aspires to force the basic idea or statement of an artwork on its viewer. Any painting should be a place for emotions and thoughts of the viewer – at least awaken the viewer.


Aesthetics is one of my most important aspects creating her unique artworks beside to emotions and expressions. On the first look they are beautiful – on the second look they arouse viewer’s curiosity because of their shadows, depth, edges and the smooth and glossy surface of the varnish. 

In the end each of her artworks is a successful dynamic ensemble.



Her technique is absolutely unique.

No other artist in the world combines the textures of enamel paints and charcoal on canvas.


An innovation in art, perfect, emotionally and significantly implemented